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    Default RIT training ideas

    I am going to be assisting with a RIT class this fall. It is going to be a mostly hands-on class. What scenerios have you attended or taught that have been outstanding? I have ideas, but I am always looking for that perfect training!
    Michael Miller

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    Once piece of advice I can give you as an instructor is to not "trick" your students in order to learn. Training is about the students learning, it should never be about the instructor. Your students should have clear knowledge of what is expected of them. Let them see the couse they are going to go through first, then have them do it with good visibility and once they have mastered that aspect of it, only then should you think about blacking out or reducing the students visibility for training. The student should always be able to meet the objectives of the training class. Knowledge, training and experience creates common sense, you are never born with it. Train for success, never train for failure. Hope this helps.

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