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    My department has been awarded a FIRE Act grant and is going to purchase equipment strictly for the use of a RIT team. I have been put in charge of getting a list together to purchase any and all tools needed for this job. Any input as to the equipment your department carries would be very valuable in my task. Please email me at with you suggestions. Thanks, and have a safe shift.

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    Check out - click on the RIT page where you can see a bunch of RIT products including:

    *SCBA Wraps - Nomex bottle cover fits over
    SCBA to identify RIT/FAST team members

    *Rope Bags - Nomex bag, 5 sizes from 25'-
    200', offers reduced profile, Kevlar RIT
    rope available

    *RIT Equipment Carry Bag & Staging Mat

    *Hot*Stop RIT/FAST Rescue Blanket -
    aluminized blanket allows RIT/FAST team to
    protect downed FF against radiant heat,
    steam, cascading water & debris during
    extrication & removal.

    Remember, the best thing you can buy first & foremost is proper training - there are plenty of top quality instructors out there.

    Hope this info helps you out. Stay Safe!!

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    We have a team. There is a lot of equipment you can carry. We carry: Hand-lights and SCBA for each member, radios for each pair, rope bags (2), stretcher/litter, spare SCBA and bottle, power saw and blade, halligan, flat head ax, TNT tool, 6' pike pole, closet hook. This is all staged on a 6x6 tarp and each ff has assigned duties and we're all cross trained. We will be adding a Thermal Imaging Camera to this when we get it next year. We do this with a minimum of a crew of four. (We try to do it with 6-8, but it's a MIN of 4).

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