Hello my friends,
Some of you may be aware already that I am in the process of building a Rapid Intervention website dedicated strictly to firefighter rescue and survival. The site will include monthly training articles by nationally known RIT instructors, RIT forums, downloadable RIT SOP's from around the country, a national RIT seminar calender, an extensive resource list of RIT/Survival instructors listed by state and their contact info, and an extensive resource list of RIT equipment manufacturers/vendors with their contact info. This project has been a goal of mine for quite some time and has been a huge job assembling this information but all the same a very important project. I want each and every one of you to be able to go into this site and find anything you need pertaining to RIT/SURVIVAL and if you can't find it immediately the resource/contact list will get you to someone that can help you. Through my last 6 years of traveling the country teaching I have come into contact with some of the worlds greatest instructors. Instructors such as Butch Cobb-Jersey City, Mickey Conboy & John Salka-FDNY, Mike Smith-DCFD, and Mark McLees-Syracuse and the list goes on. These Instructors are the greatest resource known to the fire service today and teaching firefighters about rescueing our own is a complete passion to them. They have all agreed to help me make this happen. These guys will be just a click of the mouse away once you are inside this website. What I am still in need of is instructor and vendor names with contact information. I have a lot of states represented very well with instructors and then some states I have no listings. If you are a certified instructor (by your state fire academy or local college, etc)or nationally/regionally recognized as a RIT instructor and would like to be listed on the resource list please email me your name and info so that I can get this site up. I feel that this website is long overdue and we all need to work towards making this site "OURS" because when it comes down to it, no one is more important than "US"... The website will be accessed by the address of RAPIDINTERVENTION.COM -Thank you gentlemen and stay safe.....

Jim Crawford
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

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