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    Default Blue Ribbon Report - USFA

    I am curious to others opinion of the Blue Ribbon Report and what if anything has been heard about changes coming forward from that report???


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    I think they asked a lame duck to make changes. He won't take action. Many of the points in the report were over stated. The academy offers too many basic classes many low tech including 4 weeks agos class I attended. The staff is not over worked there own study proves that. There is a job discription for the administrator. The F in FEMA should not be replaced with the word fire. The idea of giving eveyone and every organization money thripling the cost was silly. We all could get something accomplished at our FD's if we could simply triple the money. If the NFA offered what the FS wanted there classes would be packed. Instructors who say ladder pipes get riped off their plumbed water ways and smooth bores are better than fog without any reference to fact should be replaced. The NFA formula was invented by students not invented by fact. They were mandatedby Valentine 2 to develop a national ff 1 and ff2 exam. They chose not to do it. It wa priority #2 by the 200 largest cities and 50 state directors of training. In short the staff has been whinning for years.

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    I would have to agree with you in general. For the most part, the classes at the NFA are extremely well done and have made a tremendous impact on the fire service. I also feel that there is not enough emphasis on funding for the National Fire Academy. This is demonstrated by the limited space and resources available in the Learning Resource Center. Comparatively speaking, the fire service always plays second fiddle to police in the way of funding. Part because we have not played the political game as well. Partly because we can't agree between some career and volunteer issues. There should be much larger grants to help in implementation of firefighter safety technology and more importantly for public education/prevention. I am curious on your opinion regarding the class that you took that you felt was not highly rated. What was the class and was it a resident or weekend class? I do think that feedback is needed to make programs better but generally it appears that the NFA has offered classes on levels not usually accessible to departments across the nation. I also agree that there should be more fire service leadership within FEMA because without it, there seems to be a disassociation from the needs of the fire service to which it is supposed to serve.

    Thanks for your comments. I'd like to hear more. Are you a member of the fire service? What rank? How many times to the National Fire Academy?

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    I found the FEMA Administrater's Annual Report to be an interesting commentary on his actual view of the fire service. He talked at length about floods, hurricanes, and all of the glossy photo things. A passing reference was made to something fire-like in nature. NO MENTION was made of the Blue Ribbon report. I have come to understand that the fire service is treated as the Rodney Dangerfield of emergency service groups. I am of the opinion that we must pick a side in the next presidential election and go to the mat. Win or lose, we need to step our political participation up to a higher level. Remember, in the world of politics, 'money talks and bull-s**t walks. I am personally tired of walking.

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