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    A while back, maybe 4-5 years, there was an article in, I believe, Firehouse magazine, entitled "ICS is not for Mrs. Smith's Kitchen Fire." I have been trying to locate it for some time. If anybody can help, i would appreciate it as it raised some very good points.
    if this is going to open up a discussion on ICS, I'm all ears.

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    The ICS is a way of making sure that some one is in charge. It is the bases for new officer's to learn from. You use the kitchen fir e to build around. I have my officer's use it on every call that may get bigger. It makes the bigger calls and breaks them down to simple problems.


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    I recall the article, but cannot find it after a one-hour search of my library, going back many years. One of my pet peeves is the confusion over just what Incident Command is and what it does. No one ever extinguished a fire using Incident Command. However the failure to use IC can, and has, lead to failure. IC is a resource allocation and control mechanism. As we should all know, it is expandable and contractable. For a room and contents, all of the IC work can be done in the head of the first due officer, be that person a sergeant, lieutenant, captain, battalion or district chief. But a proper allocation of resources is useless, if you cannot practice the age old concepts of rescue, locate, confine, extinguish. That may well have been the thrust of the article for which you are searching. And it is also the thrust of my next text from IFSTA, Firefighting Strategy and Tactics. All of the incident command in the world is useless if you do such things as: a. fail to search, pass a fire, fail to vent, etc. We wrote our book in a simple, useable, common sense fashion. Take care

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