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    My name is Jeff Turkel. I am a retired Air Force firefighter, presently Chaplian for the North Star F.D. in North Pole, Alaska. I'd like to hear your experiences on how Chaplains have helped in your departments and any ideas/suggestions on how thier effectiveness can be improved. If you can, please check out my web page-www.alaska.net/~nsfsa/CHAP/HTM.
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    Hi Monsignor, The plain and simple truth is nobody really wants to mess with God. When a Chaplain is involved with a Fire Department there seems to be a better attitude within the organization. I have found that as long as the Chaplain is active this is so. I have made it a pet project of mine to study the declining rolls of the volunteer fire service. In my study I have found an increase of membership with those departments with active Chaplains. I wish I would have caught on to this trend sooner, because I have no written proof about this effect. It just came to me one day. So I re-examined some departments and found this to be so. The thing is they give all the credit to everything else other than the presents of the Lord. Go figure! My past department is going through this transformation as we speak. I have my own consulting business and I always push departments in the direction of establishing a Chaplain Program. I sometimes would like to make it a goal to have a active Chaplain in every department. God Bless you and the work that you do.

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