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    My name is Chris DeMoss and I am a student in the Fire Protection Engineering Program at Oklahoma State University. I am writing a paper for a class that argues the National Fire Codes written by NFPA should become law as the codes for the nation. I would love to hear opinions from fire protection professionals. If you wish to voice your opinion you may contact me at ffdemoss@yahoo.com. I thank you very much for your time.

    Chris DeMoss
    Oklahoma State University

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    That would require fire hydrants per NFPA 1231 or other water source in 80% of the country that doesn't have water. Add 10 trillion to the arguement.

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    NFPA Standards as the Law of the Land for the Fire Service? Being from a small combination department, if we had to follow all of the NFPA Standards, we would be out of business. The cost factor for our community to bring our deparment into compliance with all the standards would make the fire department more costly to operate, the entire budget of our city would have to go to the fire department.
    Already NFPA Standards are used in the courts again us in the fire service. They are refered to the as 'The Acceptable Standards Used by the Fire Service'. But as long as they are 'Standards', we have the ability to use them or part of them which are applicable to our needs within our communities. If they were the 'Law of the Land', there would be no picking and choosing. You would have to comply or spend a lot of time and money in court defending your department against the money hungry individuals of this world.

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