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    Just stopped in to see how you where weathering with the situation at your station? Have things gotten better or worse.

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    Well, I want to Thank everyone for your responses, even if you don't agree with this topic. Receiveing both positive and negitive feed back is a good way to learn how to deal with specific situations.

    Everything is about the same at our department, my fellow full-timers and I did receive some good news, we will soon be getting our local status from the IAFF. We were contacted ealier in the week and this will hopefully help us in our negotiations with the city, and with some of our issues.

    We are preparing to deal with this issue and many others through negotiations. Also we have a meeting with one of local State representitives on Aug 5th, to discuss SB402 regarding binding arbitration. I would encourage everyone to keep an eye on this bill. Till the next time everyone stay safe.

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