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    This situation only serves to reinforce what I still believe to be true.
    Almost 100 years ago they took the horses out of the firehouse...but somebody forgot to take the horse's asses!

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    Marshal BHG 300
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    One more thought. You could always take over the fire department. If all they do is fire there is a lot more services out there including EMS. Put it to the vote of the people and take over the taxing district. Hopefully, this will be a last resort. Have fun!

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    Let's try a different approach...Does anyone on this board know of a federal law stating what training the instructor of heavy extrication eequipment should have? Does anyone know of statutes that state how much training operators of such heay extrication equipment should have? Is there any such law for the state of Iowa for firefighters? Anyone know of any OSHA laws governing these topics?

    Please reply. Thank you

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    Marshall, Although a good suggestion I don't think taling over the Fire Dept would not be the answer. Remember in his situation they are already unpopular with the media and the public.

    First things First: As everyone here has said the answer more than once. their lack of "EDUCATION" is not stupidity it is ignorance.

    Secondly someone needs to kick the Mayor right in the ***. A wake up call of his duties is coming. Someone needs to take the initiative to tell or teach him that every citizen and visitor of his municipality their welfare and safetey is his responsibility.

    If All else fails try this approach. I hate mentioning this because I don't care weho you are but we are in this buisiness to save and prevent the loss of life. Try and educate him on possibility of the financial gains by being the extrication service. I know many areas have Fire Dept. that run Rescues and they bill the insurance for services.

    Remember he is a politician he sees "$$" and I think he will jump at the chance. Good Luck and God Bless.

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