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    Question Railroads Closing Roads

    We are a rural VFD for a township. We now have 5 grade level RR crossings. The RR (Wisconsin Central) is increasing the # of trains and also the speed (50MPH) and they are planing on blocking three (3) of our 5 crossings. This would for all forms of emergency vehicals cause delays in responding, and in case of fires put the need for more water trucks, manpower, and or more draft points(non-seasonal).

    Are other deptments faced with these problems, and had success in stopping the closure of crossings? We are sending letters to the papers, TV, Radio stations to get the people informed and to send letters to the RR, DOT, and others with athority.

    At this point there is not any meetings that the RR is planning to get the affected people to voice their opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your responces

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    Well, I can only say that the railroad is probably trying to increase their safety. Consider how much distance it takes to stop a train. By reducing the number of grade crossings, they reduce the likelihood of a crash.

    Try to contact the RR with your concerns. Perhaps they will compromise on which ones they close.

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    Check your state laws. The railroad should be required to maintain crossings at all public roads that are open. The state or local government probably has to okay all closures of crossings.

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    Yes, I'm sure the RR is thinking of safety! We are checking on the local, County Gov, for their opinions and our options. Just wondered if other FD's had this happen?

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