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    lets look at the other post. one person said compare 500 vollies to 77 professional fiefighter. but that is o.k. since this is a "vollie world board" and then we have a professional firefighter( sorry career officer, non-union i assume) who supports the vollies 100%. go figure?! as being a PROFESSIONAL-CAREER-FIREFIGTER you vollies will always win the war here and i understand that, but if you were doing an efficent job the worlds"LARGEST VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT" would not be hiring PROFFESIONAL FIREFIGHTERS. right? like i mentioned this is my opinion, like it or leave it. to the folks in this county, you will see a difference in your new COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT.

    hurry up and read this AFF, i think you have a tanker or brush truck call, don't forget to turn on all your bells and whistles in you POV so you can run poor citizen off the road so you can make the back step. K.M.



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    K A
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    ...lets look at the other post. one person said compare 500 vollies to 77 professional fiefighter. ...

    So compare knobman.

    Can 1/3 of the 77 on duty do what 500 vollies can do? What even a 50% of 500 can do? What 10 percent can do???

    If you note they are not replacing the vollies they are supplimenting them. They still will be relying on them.

    How much faster will the response be out of a staffed career station versus a staffed vollie station. Staffed means staffed.

    Am I missing something here?

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    Thumbs down

    Knobman, I hope you never have to drive through my area, and involved in an accident. Because, God-forbid you or your family have to be saved by "vollies". I am currently a 2nd. Class Firefighter, Paramedic, CISM trained, Training officer, Incident Safety Officer & several other certifications. Firefighting paid or volunteer is not a hobby, we train just as hard as you, we respond to calls 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year, which is 8,760 hours a year, for the sole purpose of helping our fellow man. You on the other respond 2,880 hrs. a year, for the sole purpose of to make money. You made be a paid firefighter, which I hope you never have to come help me, I would rather have a volunteer help me and my family. No matter what you think, VOLUNTEERS are PROFESSIONALS, too. I am sure your union is real proud to have someone like you in their ranks. As far as the Wayne Township merger, I believe it will provide a great service to the citizens, and it will all work out, just fine.

    Former member of WTVFD St. 4 Taz-Force.

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    judy mcgavock
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    I feel that they need to do what is best for the township but,I think that they should have looked to see if the current Dept. was worth saving. I think that if they had took a close look they could have found the problems and fixed them.ie. Leadership,board with no backbone,the people in the recruiting dept. The vol. of Wayne Township Fire Dept. are well trained ff and emts they just need the guidance of a good chief. That is willing to hold thier District Chiefs resposible. For staffing thier stations 24,7, and if they are not able to do that then they need to get rid of them. It can be done because one of the stations at WTFD was staffed 100% of the time last year and is working on that again this year. It all has to do with the leadership. However it turns out for WTFD I just hope it is the best for the community.Paid or Vol. the job is the same we all put our life on the line to save others.

    co10 sam

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    I agree with Judy. I feel proud to have been a "vollie" for 6 years. My father was a battalion chief for IFD so I got to see the paid guys make the same mistakes as we do. It happens everywhere. But where else could I get into doing something that I fell in love with at 18 years old? I hope that the change is for the better. As long as the new administration is not afraid to do what needs to be done i think the change will help us. I know some people won't agree with this, but, it is my opinion.

    Faithfully Serving

    Wayne Township Co. 10

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    lady firefighter
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    Regardless of how I or anyone else feels, the changes in Wayne are now inevitable. The members of Wayne should be proud of the services they have provided and are still providing for the township.

    Mr. Knobman, good for you that you are a professional paid firefighter. It is an accomplishment for anyone to get through the processes, get on a department and to perform the job well. However, just because a fire department is nonunion does not mean that it is not professional, to say that is unreasonable. Part of being professional is the ability to get along with other agencies, regardless of their status with the union. Such a subject is irrelevant on a scene of an emergency.

    There is nothing wrong with pride in the union, but there is also nothing wrong with being proud of being a volunteer. As a volunteer I have completed more than a "few hours of fire school," and have gained invaluable experience as a firefighter and emt. I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the most knowledgable, wonderful, and professional brothers and sisters I could ever hope to fight fire with.

    Knobman, I hope you and others like you at least keep and open mind, and remember that the fire service has strong roots in volunteerism, and respect the fact that without volunteers your department would probably not be where it is today.

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    First of all, Hats off to WTFD and good luck in the transition.

    Second, knobman your screenname fits you well!!! KNOB, but sounds more like a boy than a man.You have no clue as to how thing's happen in the real world on training, staffing,ect.

    Stay safe

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    dfd-greg i guess i don't have a
    clue in reference to staffing or
    eduction. LOL i guess the county
    doesn't have a clue either. from
    what i have read about this topic
    the vollies could not handle the
    responses and the county is going
    to supplement them with career
    firefighters. the super vollies in
    turn trash me because i tell the
    truth. volly world firefighting is
    not like it used to be, can you get
    it through your head?! for all the
    so called firefighter who said, man
    i hope you dn't get in an accident
    in my area, thanks, i appriciate

    lady firefighter nice comment. k.m.

    p.s. how can i be rude by telling
    the truth? or is it you don't
    want to face reality?



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    Sorry Folks

    It was probably inevitable that this post would turn into a career/volunteer battle, which in the end goes no where, just back and forth.

    Thanks for everyone's input regarding this topic.

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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