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    Post seeking information on pascrell fire act bill

    I am looking for any information I can find on congressman pascrells FIRE act bill. I would like to find out if it has passed and who does a town need to contact to apply for the grants. I come from a smaal department and were looking to upgrade stations, gear and equipment. As well as improve our training and computer programs. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks

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    The FIRE Bill ( HR 1168) has been introduced in the House and referred to the Science Committee for an unknown period of time. Needless to say it has along way to go to become a law. Then funding must be authorized by Congress. The last estimates that I saw was possibly FY 2001.
    Much support is still needed. As of last week there was not a sponsor in the Senate. Sorry, this is probably not what you wanted to hear.
    Stay Safe.
    Terry Storer

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    Terry Storer
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    In my last post I forgot your request for an information source. You might try the Congressional Fire Services Institute Web Site at http://www.cfsi.org


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    The last that I heard there was 170 co-sponsors in the House. It will not be heard by the Senate unless the House passed it and sends it to the Senate. But, it will take a lot of backing in the Senate if and when it gets there.

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