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    Chief Bill Eliasen Guest

    Question Pay Per Call

    I am in need of a pay per call program.
    Do they work?
    Are there any good S.O.P's you can share with
    Any info would be helpful.

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    Sledgehammer57 Guest


    My first question is are you talking about a token payment? If so, I can tell you that it does have some merit but if you are expecting it to motivate someone out of bed at 3 am --- FORGET IT - it ain't going to happen. My department has a pay per call plan that pays $5 per call. The program has helped boost morale - especially when the end of the year gets near (we pay once a year). We have also built incentives into the program to motivate attendance at training, business meetings, and other functions. This is accomplished by requiring certain minimum requirements to receive 50%, 75%, or 100% of potential earnings. If you are interested in more info - feel free to e-mail me.

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    edfc Guest


    I spent 4 years in England and they have a pay per call system, their volunteer system is referred to as "retained firefighters". As I recalled they received payment for calls for training and other functions. Perhaps somebody within the website is from England and can provide more info.

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    stephen Guest


    I'm from the Windsor Vol. Fire Dept. ( WIlson Company) in Connecticut. We have a payment plan that works like this. A set amount is put in every years budget to cover firefighter payments. This number is split in half for two payments ( one in May and one in early Dec ). The officers get a set amount extra for their extra time required
    ( from $1000 for the assistant chief to $250 for LT )then the rest is divided based on the amount of calls per the 6 months. Our average amount is approx. 5 - 6 dollars per hour or part of a hour. If you want a direct copy of the plan, email me at

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