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    In the September issue of "Fire House" in the column Fire Politics by Hal Bruno, he stated that the "FIRE Act HR 1168 was stuck in the House Science Committee with no sign that it will be given a hearing. With no hearing it cannot be moved out of committee and will not reach the House Floor for a debate and finally a full vote." I feel this act is necessary to the future of the Fire Service. How long are we willing to be stuck in the past and not have the money we need to warp into the future? Congress provides law enforcement with $7 billion a year for programs to assist local police dept.'s while the nations fire departments are shafted with a meager $32 million /year. Granted there is a small hitch where the dept.s must come up with a certain percentage of the funds to qualify for this money but thats when we turn to the local gov't for funding or grants. I know some of you have already written or
    e-mailed your congressman or senator but I urge you to write/e-mail them constantly and urge your friends and co-workers to do the same until the bill gets passed and we finally see the money. Remember fireighting is 95% reactive and 5% proactive but the FIRE Act is where we need to be 100% proactive and show our support to get this bill passed.

    So please write or email your senator or congressman for their support of the FIRE Act HR 1168. Who cares what party the guy who introduced the bill is from. This is still a free country with a Democracy where the people have the say of what we want and need. Our need is to see that this bill gets passed and to ensure in the FUTURE of the fire service and that we progress into the next century ready to respond to anything and not stuck on the corner begging for crumbs!

    Take Care and BE SAFE !

    Sincerely Brad Hoff

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    I just now found out about this new bill. Can you tell me if it looks like it may pass or not? If not how do I go about persuading our local Representatives to pass this Act. Also how does one go about requesting grants should it pass? Where on the internet can I go for more information on this Act?

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