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    Smile Back to the basics

    I think all of us in the country at one time or the other have gotten to involved with special this or special that.

    Sometimes I think we forget about teaching the basic. Ladder work,ventilation, hose placement and so on.

    When I comes right down to it ventilation,throwing ladders and knowing what size line to use at the start and not play catch-up to the fire is what makes a difference if we repair the structure or rebuild.

    We have come a long way with things as Haz-mat, R.I.T. and so on.

    I think the best tool to take off the apparatus when the air brake is set is "Common Sense"

    Just something to kick around

    Keep it burning



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    Hey Tracy: You couldent be more right, when was the last time you heard of a FireFighter dying at a chemical spill ? When I teach RIT or self rescue I always start with saying dont forget the basics and we probally wont need the RIT team .I try to remind guys of skills such as.
    1) Stay low
    2) Know where your at in the Building
    3) Remember how to follow a hose line out to safety.
    4) Probally the most important , especially for officers; Let the fire tell you what to do or not to do.
    This last one , if you think back to all of the fires you have been to is really true, the fire will almost always tell you what its about to do , where its going , and how we should puy it out.
    Your post is probally the easiest one I have seen to keep all of safe. THANKS

    Lt. Todd Edwards/ AFD Co.10


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