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    Question Structure After Almaglamation

    Our county is about to almaglamate 11 area departments into 1. There is a mix of full-time and volunteer departments.
    I would like to hear any comments or ideas on how such a department could be structured.
    Should full-time and volunteer be run as separate divisions under a core of upper management? or should it be run as one?
    Any other ideas ?
    thanks in advance

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    in regards to your questions. things that might be considered to answer your own questions. 1. how amny responses and what type are covered and where. 2. what are the essential day to day operations that need to be covered. 3. what ranks are going to be paid, and for what jobs. 4. is the equipment up to the same level in all stations. if not how do you plan to shange this. 5. is there a long term capital expenditure plan in place and if not, start one. 6. depending on the duties of the paid vs. volunteers, volunteer leaders shouldn't be leading paid personnell unless they are engineers whose sole responsibility is operating the engine or truck. 7. do you handle EMS, and if you do are they going to fall in the complete chain of command or are they just going to report to upper echelon paid personnell. 8. How is your institutional sponsors(villages, cities, county, fire districts) going to merge and how are persons going to be appointed to the new legislative body. 9. How are you going to structure your new chain of command, and how are you going to select/elect those individuals.
    just a few qustions that may or may not help.

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