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    Post zoning requirements

    In the county where I live we are looking at requiring developers to provide either hydrants or dry hydrants in new subdivisions in the unincorporated areas of the county. I'm curious what other counties require in their zoning regs. Thanks

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    Ken Hanks
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    There is a NFPA standard for fire protection in subdivisions. I do not have the number handy right now.

    My town adopted it as part of the zoning regulations last year. In part, it calls for a minimum water for any development. Water can be from hydrants, fire ponds, underground holding tanks, or water pumps on the municipal system.

    Unfortunately, it is 20 years too late. Many developments have been built here with little or no water supply.

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    Jim M.
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    In Maine, this type of code is at the community level instead of the County. Our community adopted standards years ago for all developments. There are standards for roads so the Town doesn't have to maintain something built incorrectly. At the same time we convinced them to adopt standards for water supply. We specify number of gallons and where the dry hydrant connection is to be installed. The developer has to factor it into his overhead - just like the road.

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    Gentlemen, thanks for the replies. I can relate to the twenty years to late.

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