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    Question Police in the Fire Service

    Looking for information on any townships that have allowed police officers to hold the rank of boro Fire chief, and what types of conflicts have arisen ??

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    The only conflict I can see is in the event that the chief puts the fire department above his police duties. Police officers have to realize that the job comes first and although NJ state law alows for municiple employees to take time off for fire calls police officers should be more responsible.

    Do you have any reservations?

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    A servant can't serve two masters. A police officer can be a paid on call or volunteer firefighter, but as to running the department, that is better left to someone else.

    While a police officer might be qualified to be the borough chief, there is also the potential for the abuse of power.

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    A volunteer department in my township has police officers as both deputy chief and 1st. assistant. I don't think they've ever had any problems.

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    Howdy I am Currently a F/F Paramedic as Well as Patrol Seargent for our City Police Dept and a SWAT Medic for our County S.O.,, There will be no problems if those Persons understand what comes First,,, ALL of our Police Officers MUST be a EMT-B and we have a couple EMT-P,, What comes First,, Scene Security, Then Pt Care,, I am also over the Vol Fire Dept as we run a Dept of Public Safety,, Our Officers respond to ALL EMS calls and when properly relieved by another person of Equal or higher Cert,, go on about there buisness,,, it all comes down to doing what needs to be done in a responsible manner.

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    I noticed you mentioned being a SWAT medic, I am an EMT in Michigan and I'm presently in my medic class. I was looking for information on becoming a SWAT medic in Michigan, but I keep running into walls. Any information you may be able to give me (i.e. websites), it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sorry for getting off the topic of this forum. You may email me at Timoteo318@hotmail.com
    stay safe.

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