Please pass this on to as many fire fighters as possible.

Greetings fellow Fire Fighters:

My name is Paul Youdelis. *I am a Captain with the Clark County Fire
Department, in Las Vegas, Nevada. *I am working on a project and I *need
your help. I am writting a book about the Saddest, funniest, hariest, scariest
calls ever faced by firefighters. *I am looking for stories that fill the
bill. *I am looking for your story.
It is my intention to finish a book which shows everything fire fighters face day
in and day out. *These stories can be onscene, or in the station, serious or light hearted.
If I use your story in the book, **I will provide you with a free copy
when the book is published. *Each story will carry a short Bio of the submitter. *This book
cannot be a success with out your help. *You can contact me...

********Home phone ***(702) 657-8757
********Cel Phone *******(702) 460-2604
********E-Mail **************

submitters will be able to review final text and assist in changes for accuracy.
I want to take the opprtunity to thank you all in advance for your help
with this project. *Be safe out there.

Captain Paul Youdelis
Clark County Fire Department, Station 12-C

p.s. If you happen to recieve this message more than once. I am trying to contact
as many fire fighters as possible. Gets kinda tough to keep track.