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    Post customerservice survey forms

    does anyone use a customer survey form as a way of measuring the quality of your service?, my dept, is looking to implement a form of some type and i need to know what type of questions to ask in the survey, any input would be appreciated.

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    At present time my volunteer fire department doesn't use a customer service survey, but I used to work for a large private ambulance service (that serviced a busy northern NJ city) which was required to provide customer survey forms, compile statistics, and make quarterly reports. A good sample form (used by the Phoenix, Az. Fire Dept) can be found in a 90 page booklet titled: "Strategies For Marketing Your Fire Department Today And Beyond" which is published by the United States Fire Administration. You can order it for free by clicking on the publications icon at: www.usfa.fema.gov

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    I was looking into the same information. I downloaded a PDF documant from NFPA, "Strategies for Marketing your Department, Today and Beyond". It includes in an appendix, some example forms used by the Phoenix Fire Dept. You can downoad this free, or if you need me to send it to you I will. Let me know.

    Lt. Michael Lawver
    Enid Fire Dept.
    Enid OK.

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    I will send you a copy of the form used in Lenexa, Kansas. Take a look and let me know what you think. I'll send by 3-13-00.

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    We have one in english and spanish, email me your address and I'll send some. Its pretty simple, a bifold cardstock and is prepostaged.

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    we also send out prestamped and addressed post cards- e mail me your address and i will forward a copy of what we use- we have had pretty good response to this program

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    This is an excellent topic. We do a very primitive form of this in a QA form. If i could, can I also get a copy of some other forms. Please semd me a copy. thanks!



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