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    Question Training Officer Job Description

    Iím currently working on our department job descriptions. I am having a problem finding job descriptions for a training officer. I know what we want but would like to see how other departments have done it. If anyone has a job description or knows where I can get a copy I would appreciate it. Thanks and stay safe.

    Captain Jeremy Whitehill
    Nixa Fire Protection District
    Nixa, MO

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    rp ruma
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    Sorry I can't provide any information, however I would like to also obtain some information myself if possible from someone.

    RP Ruma
    Captain - Dickson Fire Dept
    Dickson TN 37055

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    Since your both looking.. I'll post ours here straight from the Rules & Regs... with a little paraphrasing just to cut down length.

    Employee in this class plans, directs and participates in city-wide training program on continuing basis for dept. Includes responsibility for all aspects of trng including recruit, post-entry, state required CE and inservice... of classroom and drill nature. Staff is regularly evaluated and emphasis placed on areas indicated by evals. Includes such areas as preparing plans for major fire risks. This employee supervises all ranks while in trng. Work is performed w/considerable latitude for independent judgment w/established trng principles and practices and is supervised by Fire Chief thru observ., conferences and review of records and reports. [And the Kicker!]: This person shall perform all tasks assigned.

    We also have a Asst. Trng Chief... sez basically same thing as above... plus daily schedule and activities are direct responsibility of Trng Chief. Also has the Kicker at the end....

    Good Luck w/yours

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