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    Update on my situation here: the student government has voted to install ink charges on the pull stations in the dorms. Still waiting to see what the administration does with it- their approval is still neccesary. They currently have a cover and tamper alarm, but that actually caused an alarm recently- a resident trying to get the tamper alarm to shut off tripped the full one.

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    I work as a Patrol Officer for a small privatley owned college, and have faced similar problems. To alliviate the fire dept. from responding on all fire alarms activated on the main campus a policy was devised. simply put here it is

    When the fire alarm is received, either a resident or an RA will callour dispatch center(and at 3AM lots of people call) and a patrol officer is sent. If at the time of call if any of the callers state tha see fire or smell smoke, the local FD is called right away. If when the officer arrives, he finds a fire or smoke in the building the FD is called right away. This has worked well, as we have RAs on every floor of every dorm building, and now when the local FD is dispatched for a fire at the college, the response is generally fast, because the volunteers know that there is definetly a problem.
    Working there I know first hand that if this policy was not in effect, the local FD would be running up there sometimes 15-20 times a week. As these bildings are very old, and the college allows the students to smoke in there room,(<--- do not agree with that at all) the fire alarms tend to go off quite frequently. The above agreement was reached y the College and the local FD working together to address the problem.

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