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    Arrow Incentives for Residential Fire Sprinklers

    I am doing a research project on finding financial incentives for encouraging the use of residential sprinklers where a sprinkler ordinance is not feasible.

    I am looking to obtain information from members of this forum on unique ways your organization has encouraged the use of residential fire sprinklers through the use of financial incentives.

    I am also very interested in hearing about political opposition to a residential ordinance that you have faced. Did an ordinace get voted down by the community, does the city manager not allow the item on the council agenda, or does the council not support an ordinance? Specific stories would be very helpful.

    Please feel free to contact me via eMail at phxfyr@aol.com or via voicemail at (303)285-3481 x2129.

    Thank you so much for your time.


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    S. Cook
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    The Texas Dept. of Insurance allows a credit for a single sprinkler head or other autoamtic fire suppression system in the kitchen. I think it's about 10%.

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