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    Post Freightliner Business Class Commercial Chassis Apparatus

    I've heard from someone that he thought that there was a recall out on these. Does anyone know if there has been one? If your department has this type of chassis, have you had any problems with it? My old department has two, I know that one of them was the first one built on that chassis, and one of the outer rear wheel's cracked, almost lost the wheel & tire.

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    We have one, had one problem which was quickly rectified upon reporting it to our dealer. When compartments where added under the cab, there was not enough room left between the cab and the compartments, and when the truck was parked on a grade, and the chasis would flex, one of the doors would not open. It was sent back and spacer's where added, I believe we had it back in 4 days.

    Haven't heard about a recall though, give your dealer a call, I am sure he would know.

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