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    Question SCBA wrapped tanks vs. Alum. Tanks

    Just a question for thoughs of you that are talking about SCBA's. We have about 19 MSA wrapped 2216 tanks that are at the end of there life. Our cheif found a place that he can buy Scott Alum. tanks for little of nothing and want to go with them, but for us the firefighter that work in them we would like to stay with the wrapped tank and go to a 30 min. tank. What would you say to your cheif if he asked you a question like this?

    Thanks for your time

    Stay Safe and remember to put the wet stuff on the red stuff

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    1) The fiberwrapped botttles are lighter & less stress for a guy already wrapped up like a cocoon in a hot environment...

    2) Use of one manufacturer's bottles on another's SCBA results in a pack that isn't NIOSH certified. I believe it is the NIOSH regulations that you *can* use another bottle in an *emergency*...i.e. you someone's life is in imminent danger. But for everyday firefighting, stay with the bottle approved by the manufacturer.

    Yeah, it sounds like some gov't BS...but then again, we had some of our Scott bottles converted with the "tab" used by Interspiro (we have both...we use mostly the Scotts though http://www.firehouse.com/interactive/boards/smile.gif )...after about 3 years almost every converted bottle developed a leak around the neck where the adapter was! In a pinch, we can still use the Interspiro bottles with Scotts...but we avoid it whenever possible.

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    Yeah it really isn't kosher to mix equipment. I'm not sure about the NIOSH thing but the Manufacturer definately won't warranty an SCBA used with a different manf. cylynder.
    30 min cylynders are standard do you mean a 45 min or 60 min? You need 4500 psi systems to do that. they dont make high volume cylynders in 2216 psi.

    Alex C.

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    using lightweight fiber wrapped bottles may save a trip to the ER for a firefighter -have your chief look into purchasing new cylinders and re-use the valves -that will save over$120 per unit and msa has 3000 psi bottles available but you must change your refill system . lightweights are much better

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