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    Question Dispute in PA, Support the Firefighters!

    Hello Brother Firefighters!

    Members of the Donora Fire Company are locked in a dispute with their local council over a long-running lack of support. The situation recently came to a head when council threatened suspension of Chief Dennis Shawley over use of a rescue boat and about 10 members of the department turned in their pagers, saying they were taking a 30-day "vacation". Read about the dispute at http://www.firehouse.com/news/2000/6/14_strike.html and send your support to shawley@westol.com

    All letters of support will be forwarded to our borough council members.

    Thanks for your support and stay safe!

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    Please don't call me "Brother"

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    Jim M.
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    And will you also forward the comments from those of us that think your actions are reprehensible and reflect discredit on volunteers everywhere?

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    No he won't, but you can send your comments to their local paper who is covering the story:

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    See my comment under your post in firefighters forum...

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    Thumbs down

    I think those members "on Vacation" seem to be forgetting the real purpose of why they became firefighters in the first place. Don't forget about the people you serve, they are your supporters at fund raisers etc. It's ashame that petty politics can get in the way of protecting the community!

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    I wish you the best in your efforts, but I disagreee with your approach. Why would you jeopardize lives to "make a point". I urge you to re-consider your tactics. I would hate to read about somebody suffering for you,while you are turning your back on them.


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