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    Question manpower on engine

    What ist the best number of personel for a new rescue-pumper ( engine ) ? I like to go with 7 but my chief said 4 is just 1 to much.

    How many firefighters do you get on your engine ?

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    Indeference to you, your chiefs response should not even warrent an answer for that obtuse answer.4 men on a pumper should be the minimum manning, in a lot of the bigger cities 5 is min and even 6 in high risk disricts. Rescue companies are typically 5 to 7., ladders are 5 to 6. While not knowing your manning or dept make up, If you have manpower to spare go for it. why dont to try spliting it so you have 2 apparatus with 4. As a last resort NFPA recommends min of 4.

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    Four is what we staff on our Engine's on minimal staffing days it's three, Some city's evcen carry a Paramedic aboard the engine companys in case they arrive beofre the Paramedics on an EMS run

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    My department runs 4 on all pumpers, this should and must be the minimum for firefighter safety. I would very much like to see 5 and 6 for high impact areas. The issue of minimum staffing is now a major issue in discussion via the NFPA 1710 committee. The NFPA's Steven Foley can get you up to date information on the commitee's recomendations and findings. Good luck with your inquiries. May God hold you in the plam of his hand. Bobby


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    If you are going to follow that 2-in, 2-out rule, then how would you be able to do that if 1 engine shows up with less than 4 people? You should at least have 4. We have 5 on our engines.

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