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    Just this past year Fire Chief Peter Bryan of the Monrovia Fire Department started a new program, A program to evaluate the service our Fire Department provides, What we did is send a questionere out to residents and business's in our area in which we have responded to, On a survey card we ask them five simple questions to evaluate us on, They are based on a scale of 1-5, Here is what we ask
    How quickly and efficently did we perform?
    We recieved a 4.71 out of a possible 5
    How well did we meet needs and expectations?
    4.69 out of a possible 5

    How well did we explain what is going on?
    4.43 out of a possible 5

    What is the level of service we provided?
    4.64 out of a possible 5

    We have also asked a retired Chief to study the departments future needs so we can continue to improve our service
    Out here we're always looking for was to improve, We want to be a model for other departments

    Engine 101

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    Hi Engine 101
    We're the survey cards totally anonymous?
    Do you do medical calls?
    How many responses are those numbers derived from?
    What the population of Monrovia?
    Thanks, Brian

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    The residents could fill in there name and adress if they wanted to, Yes we also use these cards for EMS calls, Which the majority of the time it is Usaully EMS when we roll
    In 2000
    We had about 4,000 runs for 2000
    The Population of Monrovia 40,550 we cover an area of 13.73 Square Miles

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    What is your ISO classification?

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    Sounds like a good idea you guys got going there out in Monrovia, I think Chief Mitchell contacted Chief Bryan about that, I think we might implament the same type of thing But from what I can tell you is that alot of the other VVerdugo departments are discussiong this program you guys started

    Micheal A Belle
    Pasadena FD Engine 33

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