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    Wink Civillian Ride Alongs???

    Hello all, my department is currently looking at instigating some sort of "ride along" program for the purposes of recruiting and public relations/awareness.

    Any departments out there that have tried or have one of these programs in place?? We are looking for any information that can help us in setting up our own program.

    Thanks in advance.

    James "Doc" Tarpley
    Battalion Chief
    Department Safety Officer
    North Tooele County VFD

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    What ever you do. Don't follow the US Navy's ride along program.

    The views and opinions expressed herin are my personal views and opinions and not those of any organization, department I may belong to or represent

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    We require them to contact the department a few weeks in advance let us know what the purpose of the ride along is for, We want to when and what time will you be riding along with us, Once at the Station they are to sign a liabilty waiver stating tha they will not hold the department if they are injurerd or killed while riding along

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    We allow it after a waiver is signed. They are not allowed to DO anything, just observe and that is part of the waiver.

    We've had everything from prospective members to kids working on school projects, reporters and curious people wanting to know where their donations are going. It works well for us.

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