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    Captain Mike
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    Post Captains two bugles insignia - parallel or crossed?

    The traditional insignia for fire officers:
    1 bugle - Lieutenant
    2 bugles - Captain
    3, 4, or 5 crossed bugles for batt chief, asst chief, and chief

    With 3 or more bugles they are always crossed in some type of X-pattern, but with two bugles I have seen them in both a crossed pattern as well as a parallel pettern.

    Which, if either, is the "traditional" pattern of the Captains bugles?

    Thanks much.

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    I've always understaood a Captain to have two parrallel silver bugles, with a District Chief or Batt Chief to have two crossed gold bugles.

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    I think it depends on how many layers of bueracacy a dept has.

    Our has Capts with two parallel bugles.
    Batt Chief two-crossed
    Asst Chief (or Division)Three-crossed
    Deputy Chief four crossed
    Chief of Dept. Five crossed

    If we had a Lt. positon I imagine we would have it with one bugle.

    Although I have seen a few with Batt's having three bugles.

    Hope that helps.

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    Two bugles parallel = company captain.

    Two bugles crossed = training divison captain.

    I suppose that this has many different designations in the service.

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    Bob Snyder
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    I believe that the "traditional" rank insignia progression goes like this:

    1 standing bugle = lieutenant
    2 standing bugles = captain
    2 crossed bugles = battalion chief
    3 crossed bugles = deputy chief
    4 crossed bugles = assistant chief
    5 crossed bugles = chief

    I've seen and heard of all sorts of variations on this, however.

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    I was told a crossed bugle two, three or more means that you are the highest rank "commander" of your company unit, or station etc.

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    My bugles are parallel. In my area we don't use 2 crossed. Battalion/Assistant Chiefs are 3 crossed. Deputy Chief is 4 crossed.

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