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    Default PA Governors Committment to Fire Service

    It was just released that due to Gov Ridges ongoing committment to the PA Fire Service, the state will provide the PennFIRS fire reporting program to ALL PA fire depts, free of charge.

    Last week he cut out all the grant funding for the emergency services, worth about $30 million and now he provides $700,000 worth of report programs.

    Is that committment or what????

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    We've been having this discussion in the Firefighters forum under (pennsylvania fire funding) Somehow Ridge thinks that he can win back our votes by giving us $700,000 in software. Somewhere along the line he forgot that beacuse of the cuts in funding most departments cant afford a computer to run the software.
    The other problem I have with this latest software issue is the state wants us to all have the same software reporting program so its a universal system, is this so that the state can better help us, or is it a scapegoatthat they can use to check up on our response.
    If Ridge really wants to help the people of this state he will reinstate the $30 million he stole to build stadiums and fund for profit special events. While he's at it, he should give some sort of tax relief to the volunteers who go out and risk their butt on a daily basis to keep the cities and towns of Pennsylvania from burning to the ground.
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    Gov. Ridge is bitting the hand that feeds him.

    The only people to blame for him not supporting the grant funding and cutting it out of this years budget is his advisors and the Lt. Gov. The Lt. Gov. of PA is responsible for Emergency Services in the state and he hasn't done his job in relaying our fight to Tommy.

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    While the removal of so much money from the state grant program was a shock to many, there are many reasons why the money may have been removed. Some of them legit. While I was attending the PAAI Seminar in State College and had a chance to talk to the State Fire Commissioner. Word has it that the State Legislators and Senators are very upset about the fact that at least two volunteers from the state were arrested for arson just days after the last grant money was sent out. Now I don't know that this had anything to do about the removal of money from the grant fund, but the fire service in this State has done little to address this problem and it is a very BIG problem.
    In addition, the fact that Pennsylvania is still one of only a handful of states, that still does not have some sort of standardized fire reporting system, should be an embarressment to us all. It is hurting us more than you know. Much of what Police get is because they can accurately identify problems and trends and be able to justify expenditures to those who control the purse strings.
    I'm not happy with the fact that the money got pulled, but considering how little we are asked to do, from the state and other entities, we need to do more to account for our activities and funds spent.

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    I have to disagree with all who have been scapegoating Gov. Ridge in the PA Fire Grant program. Governor Ridge originally had the Fire Grant in this years budget, which was passed by the House of Representatives. The Senate (your local Senator) cut the measure from this years budget. The Governor was set to sign the budget with fire funding included. If you can remember a time when Pennsylvania supported volunteers better, please let me know, but as far as I remember, the past 2 years (with this years Penfir grant) have been pretty good for us all. I realize this is just a pitance to the 6 Billion Dollars volunteers save this state each and every year, but it is better than it has been in the past. Call your local Senator to find out what happened to this money.

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    OK, here's a thought to stir the pot for all you PA guys. $10.00 out of every citation goes to EMS. $30.00 goes to the CAT Fund. Any of you guys remember that fiasco? Anyway, I'm not sure but that goes back to the late 80's for CAT. Never been repealed. The EMS part is supposed to go to DOH for support of EMS and the State Trauma system. Now I want to know WHERE the hell all that money goes/is. I run Fire/EMS and I'm a Cop. And I don't know.

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