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    Our department just won a hard fought battle for civil service. We worked under an "At-will" system that had many flaws; mainly favortism and double-standards.

    Currently we are in a transitional period but with the implementation of civil service in October, the city will have to follow a strict guideline for hiring and promoting. I have noticed that the city is already trying to interpret the civil service law in their favor and our union is stepping up to see that things are done correctly. It looks like a long road ahead of us.

    I was just wondering if any of you have experienced working for a department such as mine that has gone through the transition from "At-will" to Civil Service. What can we expect? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Make sure your union keeps doing what it's doing. The city shouldnt be interpeting any statutes by themselves they should be refrencing the findings of your state since those are the ones that are really pertinant when a change is occurring. Check your states Department of Labor web site if they have one that should give you the contacts you need to keep the city honest.
    Alex Capezza BS,CFEI,CFII FO1, EMT-I

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