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    Default 1 week for capt's test. study what in a hurry ?

    I have 1 week to help my engineer cram for the capt's test.

    He's fairly intelligent.....FF#3.. F.A.E certifiied..etc...

    but he hasn't studied one bit thinking he doesnt have enough time on the job to have a chance.

    I think if I were to help him for the next 48 hours we work together he can do pretty well.

    what do you suggest ?
    Fireground tactics is what I leaning for....
    any ideas ?
    links to good reference ?

    IAFF #53

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    My question if he is not ready why push?

    I would study fire ground tactics, fire prevention at the company level, personnel issues, and being prepared to articulate the reason why you want to be an officer.

    Just some suggestions.
    Train like you mean it. You just might one day.

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