Dade county is in the news again !
This time it seems several ff refuse to work w/the AMERICAN FLAG flying on the county's emergency rigs. A TRIBUTE and a SYMBOL to the men and women who sacrificed their lives with the full knowledge the WTC towers were coming down. A TRIBUTE and a SYMBOL to the men and women who attempted to assist others to flee this attack on AMERICA.
The AMERICAN FLAG is a SYMBOL of AMERICAN FREEDOM and a TRIBUTE to ALL the men and woman who have given their lives either in the line of duty or while serving in the armed services of our GREAT NATION.
Many have died, through the decades, so others can have their FREEDOM remain so they can voice their opinion as guaranteed by the CONSTITION OF THE UNITED STAES and the BILL OF RIGHTS.
However, I believe the administrators of Dade County have the responsibility to place these several ff on suspension w/out pay for their refusal to work (AWOL). Those ff DISHONOR all true fire fighters, police, emergency personnel, and the many men and women of our armed forces who have died to KEEP FREEDON FREE !!! It is like they have spit on OUR FLAG OF FREEDOM ! A board of inquiry should be convened and demotion, suspension, or dismissal should be discussed for their childish refusals.
I can only imagine what might occur in the locker rooms, parking lots, or through other avenues how these several ff will be treated by loyal AMERICANS.
Thank GOD our men and women of our department are defenders of FREEDOM and serve the community and the NATION with pride, integrity, and guts. We display the AMERICAN FLAG proudly and we are not ashamed of what she represents. We HONOR our brothers and sisters in New York and the Nation who have fallen in the line of duty protecting and serving others. It has been written that their is no greater gift one can give than to sacrifice their own life noblely to save another. We ALL our TRUE AMERICANS and we are PROUD to display our symbol of FREEDOM and shall defend her with our lives, if necessary. We HONOR OUR FALLEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS for they are TRUE AMERICANS and they gave the greatest gift there is, their lives in the service of others. May they rest in PEACE and their loved ones gather in comfort in the arms of a grateful Nation for their loses. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!