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    Default Response Plan Revenge

    Alright here is the story... One Sunday night our district gets called out for a building fire. We pull up and there is flame through the roof with iminate collapse. We start fighting the fire and we called the next town over for a tanker. When they arrive they tell the IC that the fire is in there local and they are ****ed off. They end up packing up their toys and leaving us with no water. This is after they were asked by the IC if they wanted to complete their box to come in and help. We ended up taking a lot longer to put the fire out then we should have.

    Now... the rescue from our district also runs on the state highway with the station that left us. They only have like 100 yards that is their local. They are taking our rescue off their response plan and bringing a rescue from a town nearly 20 minutes away. Now even if they are mad at us there are plenty of rescues between here and that town that they could use.

    Let me know what you all think...

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    We learned the solution to this problem in Kindergarten and from Rodney King.....

    "Play nice with others" and "Why can't we all just get along"

    I doubt there are any of us out there that have not been sent to a call only to find out it is just outside of our area or inside of someone else's. And conversly if someone else was sent to our area by mistake, we dont get mad and take our toys home.

    Mistakes happen based on info given to dispatch, bad addresses, and those infamous "grey areas" where dispatch flips a coin to decide who to send.

    There are many out there who have lost sight of the reason we are in business - to help people. If our neighbors happened to get sent there, so what as long as the people got help.

    Your IC did the right thing by asking them if they wanted to fill out the box. The important thing is that your agency maintains professionalism, Other than the Chiefs sitting down and hashing things out.... let them throw their fit and maybe things will change.
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    Sounds like a ****ing contest that the county will end up settling for everyone because the service that you people are supposed to be providing is being compromised due to a cranial rectal inversion. There is no place for that kind of crap in the service to the public. It will cost lives.

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    If what you say is both accurate and representative of the "whole story", some officers from your neighboring district need to be removed from office and from their department rosters. Permanently.

    Also, if what you say is both accurate and representative of the "whole story", the building owners, and their legal representatives, need to somehow be informed of what transpired. Somebody needs to be smacked down and made examples of for this type of behavior every time it happens (and it probably happens more often than most of us like to think, I'm sure), for the good of the people they're supposed to be protecting. There is no room for the type of territorial ****ing you describe in the fire service, and anyone who would leave a working incident over a territorial squabble isn't a member of the fire service. They're just an ordinary, everyday jackass.

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