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    We've all got them, the ones with the solar-powered pagers that show up for one or two trainings a year and think they should be on the first-out truck for the "big one". What do you do with these people? Should they be tolerated, invited to leave the department or is there some effective remedial action that has worked for your department?

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    we have mandatory requirements that these people must meet, and if not they are removed from the department at the annual meeting. 50 calls and 15 training sessions. I wish the requirements were more stringent as some people barely make the 50 calls required, when we average close to 1600 a year. There is really not much that you can do after that, because as long as they make their minimum requirements and do not violate the by-laws in any other way, they can not be thrown out

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    We are right in the middle of implementing minimum requirements (number of meetings, training hours, number of incidents).

    I would suggest that you do the same. That way everyone knows what is expected, and what will happen if they fail to meet the requirements.

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    set up a training schedule and make a percentage of the trainings(specific ones) mandatory. with the schedule have a coversheet that says if u sign it u agree to make atleast the required trainings and if u do not do so without cause u will be brought before a displinary board and could be suspended or removed from the dept. so they either show up and hpoefully learn something or they vanish and u havent really lost anything because they werent there in the first place. hope it helps
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    Unfortunately alot of these people are officers.
    And most of our guys can't fo interior without an officer. HMMMMM.

    No requirements for training, calls whatever.

    Hell of a set up isn't it.

    Somehow we maintain in my opinion an excellant F.D., but we haven't had a major structur fire in probably close to 21/2 to 3 yrs.

    But, when we have extrications, or anything else with flames showing we have too many chiefs not enough indians.
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