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    Post Mandatory Overtime Shifts

    I need information on departments that have mandatory overtime shifts each month. I want to know the line of reasoning used to perpetuate their view. We are a rapidly expanding suburb of Indianapolis. Just like everywhere we need more manpower to comply with 1710 and saftey in general. I want to get get info to pass along to my union president to give to our chief. If the city council won't give us full time people then maybe they will go for a plan B Thanks

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    In our dept., scheduling is done by the battalion chiefs and it is to their discretion how to handle overtime issues. In general, if there's a spot to be filled in the upcoming shift, it is up for grabs for the off-going shift. More times than not, there will be a volunteer. If noone is interested, possibly the other off-duty shift is being paged (we use alpha-numeric pagers; the display will read, e. g. "engineer needed for OT, 7am to 7pm, call BC". If this is also unsuccessful, there are three "mandatory OT" lists, one for FF's, one for engineers, and one for lieutenants. Depending on what position needs to be filled, the next person of the respective list is informed of the mandatory OT. Usually there is no way out of it, unless you find someone who will do it in your place.
    Sounds complicated, but works. And it is rather rare that someone gets mandatoried , maybe 3-4 times a year. Hope this helps,


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