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    S. Cook
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    KA - what's a Hawk 2?

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    Jason Ranger
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    O.K another question for ya'll. After having used several different sized haligan tools on a couple of operations the office is at odds. Size (weight & mobility) vs. utility. We all know that the longer lever is key but who really wants to carry a 42'' haligan tool. We have 24'', 30'', 36'' & 42'' tools. What I would like to see posted is some failure stories of short tools to get a feel of what thsy do not work on and some success stories of a really hardened obstacle done with any sized tool.

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    On non-fire incidents, we use a door jam spreader made by SVI (SuperVac). Cost is $140.00. We place them between the door jams level with the lock. Manually spread the jam and push the door in. Minor damage to if any and the door can be secured. It has worked get for us.

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    $1.95 for a shove knife..thats so simple! Also a good vise grip and a flathead screwdriver will get you into most commercial storefront locks.

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    Why go through the door?
    Most modern security doors are tough, but they are often put into walls that can easily be breeched with the common irons. Don't beat yourself to death on a door when you can make your own.
    When going through the wall though you must consider Electric wires (yea the utility company will be there in about 30 minutes) and if what you are going to do will cause structural collapse.

    As to the posts reguarding Jet-Ax, Although I have never seen one. I have heard reports of them exploding in storage in the firehouse. Why? I don't know. They are probably breaking down from age and improper storage, but who wants to sleep on a bomb.

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    Default Jet-axe

    What is the one thing in the world that you would not like to see in the hands of a Fire Fighter,(EXPLOSIVES) that is what this produce was. It was a shaped charge in a stryform box. It came in round or square and several sizes. You punch out the center and pull out the firing cord. It was mainly designed for roof opening and overhead metal doors. It was realy popular with the San Franciso fire department. I did see it in use at a fire in a neighboring town, it didn't work, but it did make a lot of noise. (please excuse my spelling, I was not hired 38 yrs ago because of my spelling).

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    so for your first post you dug up a 12 year old topic?
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    If the post is from 1999, are these still "new forcible entry techniques"?
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