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    At this time my company uses the Knox Box System. We have approx. 40 or so installed in businesses at this time. My question is this...What are some good ways of advertising this system to businesses in my fire district? Right now we go to the individual businesses and talk with manager/owner, etc., but this is VERY time consuming. We are going to try to implement an ordinance to make it manditory for all new structures, but what about the the hundreds that are already there? Any ideas please advise. Thanks.


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    Chief Sanborn CFR Guest


    I am going to try a mailer to all business to update after hours contacts, owner info, and possibly a self-inspection form. At the same time I thought I would include info on the Knox program, and how it is a benefit to both them and us.

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    We have a simple form that is sent to all business and apartment complexes in our city. We really don't give them the choice to choose whether they are going to use them or not. Basically, they are advised that without a knox box key, we will be forced to force entry into any building that does not have one in case of an alarm. We also have a waiver for them so sign that removes our liability for any damage we may incure to their buildings because they didn't have a key. This gets most of them to use the knox box on their buildings. For the ones that don't have them, we naturally don't just break into the building unless we feel there is a problem there. Just gets their attenntion to that possibility.

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    In our area we have an ordinance that requires a Knox Box on all new commercial structures. Our solution to the older buildings is to make it part of their annual fire inspection. It is time consuming but it is an easy way to build good will -- use the explanation of we want to save you from having your door forced open. During the annual inspection we also make sure that the keys in the box still work and that we have keys to all doors in the box (amazing how often the locks change).

    Hope this helps.

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    alpha192 Guest


    First off. Don't be too public about what is stored in the little box by the door or you just may be giving away the store. One lock
    to pic and the bad guy gets in.
    What you should do. Go to your local chamber of commerce, busines association, renters association. All of these groups usually
    have monthly meetings. Sometimes luncheons. Be ready for questions. Know about how much a Knox Box should cost to
    instal. And how this will benefit them. If possible, have local examples for them.
    Then . . . do your job. As you get calls to businesses with Knox boxes, use them. Do your best t save on the property damage
    and when the store owner or Realtor shows up, they will be surprised at the lack of damaged doors, or broken windows.
    Guess what will come up at the next chamber or association function. The lack of damage your truck company did.

    One more thing you will need. handcuffs for the irons man. If he can't force all those doors, he's probably going to look for
    something else to bust. The firefighter that spoke to the businesses may need to stay clear.


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    STA2 Guest


    In my volunteer dept. we have made it a city ordinance for all new commercial construction to have them installed prior to recieving their C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy). As far as existing commercial occupancies it is highly recommended by our Fire Marshals office during inspections. When the benefits of this system are pointed out the occupant usually complies. We don't force doors on fire alarms or anything like that but we point out how small incidents after hours can be handled with NO forcible entry damage. Existing sprinklered occupnacies are highly encouraged to get them as we DO force entry on water flow alarms after hours. The system in realatively inexpensive when compared to a double glass dooor. Be safe.


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    The Snake Man Guest

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    Ordinance, Ordinance, Ordinance and Ordinance. And if all else fails ORDINANCE.

    Did I even spell that right?, oh well. Do you get the picture. Don't waist your time. You have to remember the public doesn't always see Eye to Eye with the bureau.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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    K A Guest


    ---First off. Don't be too public about what is stored in the little box by the door or you just may be giving away the store. One lock
    to pic and the bad guy gets in.---

    They are all bonded, they don't get broken into and they can all be equipped to link to the burglar alarm. The fire code says if the cheif wants them he gets them, plain and simple.

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