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    Default Building Search Rope Bags and FF Escape lines

    My department is placing rope bags on our SCBA's to be utilized during building search and possibly "improvised" as an escape tool during an "extreme emergency". Does anyone out there have any SOG's or training materials regarding this topic? If so please let me know as soon as possible. I have to provide training to my people within the next two weeks. Thanks. Andy Kellogg

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    Have you considered separate ropes? The problem with a dual use rope is that <hopefully> it will get used more for searching and tools than it will for bailing out. The wear and tear from dragging it through buildings and debris might be cause for concern. The NFPA "personal escape" rope is a one time use only for lifesaving purposes. You can use any small diameter cheap hardware store rope for search and use something certified for self rescue. Good Luck

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    You might want to consider placing the self rescue rope (40-50') in a small bag carried in a bunker coat pocket. This will protect the rope and also be one less thing to get caught on during interior operations. As far as search ropes think about 150' of rope in a bag carried by the officer with team members utilizing 25' tag lines for search off of the main rope. It works well in open places such as banquet halls etc.

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    We equipped our scba's with a small nylon pouch with 35' of 3/8 kermantle rope, the end is tied with a small loop figure eight knot which can be slid over the handle of a haligan bar or axe, and a carabiner. this allows you to quickly wrap around an anchor point, just in case your tool is lost. No escape belt, just do a body wrap, anchor your tool in the corner of the window and out you go. It's not pretty but will save your life.
    We also bought a search rope kit from the same company which carries 150' of rope and 4 tag line kits (each 25') for doing warehouse searches. Everything is carried in a special rope bage designed just for this purpose. Seems to work out in practice, have not had a chance to use it on a call yet.
    We are training these skills in our RIT class, firefighter survival class, and smoke divers class. As someone else stated in an earlier post, you must train on these "down and dirty" escape skills on a regular basis so they become second nature when the "stuff" hits the fan.

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    If your department is considering escape rope to be shared or kept on the S.C.B.A. consider this. Although N.F.P.A. certified escape rope is lighter and smaller it is as one brother wrote, ONE TIME USE only. If you go with the 3/8" rope as the other brother mentioned it can be inspected and placed back in service. You can stuff quite a bit of 5mm accessory cord in a small pouch that can be carried on the officers S.C.B.A. or other member's S.C.B.A.. Just remeber to find some low profile way of hanging or attaching the bags so as not to create a snag hazard. The equipment is only as good as your training so train, train, train! Be Safe!

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    Andy, I forgot to applaud you and your department for getting this equipment and training. There is a Survival class taught in Broward County Florida that may have the SOG's. The number to the Broward Fire Academy is (954) 474-8217. Ask to speak with the S.T.A.R. class instuctors. Good Luck!

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