Item in the local paper that Emergency Equipment Inc., Raleigh NC, has closed and locked their doors on May 18, 1999.

The article in the paper was mainly about departments that had made down payments, and may be out the money, and no truck. One department has made a $51,000 down payment on a new truck, and they can find out anything. Their total annual budget is only $33,000. Obviously this is going to put this department between the rock and a hard place. Another department in VA. has sued EEI last week for return of $70,000 they paid over 3 months ago for a truck body.

My department has an EEI truck we bought in 92, and it has been excellent. It is a pumper/tanker on a GMC Top Kick chassis, and I don't think it has been out of service for anything worse than going in for new tires.

Any other departments out there left holding the bag with the closing of EEI?