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    Post cellulose fiber insulation in attics

    I've bend to just a couple of electrical fires in attics that contain cellulose fiber insulation. Short of taking it all out manually, I know there's gotta be a better way.
    If anyone's used a thermal imager for this type of smoldering fire, I'd like to know. Thanks.

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    We have purchased a portable suction unit that sucks out the cellulose fiber from attic to the outside. The unit is called a C-Vac unit. Through very large flexable hoses the fibers are sucked to the outside to a designated area. We also use hand held fire finder sencing devices to find hot spots in the cellulose fibers. So far its working ok for us.

    Ronald Kay
    Assistant Chief
    Washington Twp. FD

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    I believe if you contact your local insulation rep. and find out and ask for the ASTM E 136 rating ( test criteria for non combustability) you will find out that a lot of insulation is non combustible. This is pending on the year it was installed. A heat gun or thermal gun will work but you really only have to remove the area that has charring on the wood. Overhaul from burned to unburned.

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    Much appreciated.

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