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    Smile Mill Drill 11/99...

    goto to www.mortlake.org
    Near the top you'll see the link to the Wauregan Drill Pictures...go there to see a traditional New England Mill and a 10,000 gpm drafting operation (OK...the hose lays were all under a 1000' )

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    Hey Matt. I like the site, sounds like it would be a nice place to visit and see the old buildings. Looks like you all have been working for awhile on how best to fight a fire at the place, and it said that it was sprinklered, bet that was a pain to install in that old of a buildings.

    Have a good day and be safe.

    Local 3905

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    Nice drill and presentation. How do you get enough time to come up with your posts? I hardly have enough time to read all of them.

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent drill. I noticed the spools with your LDH, how fast can you safely deploy this?
    Stay safe...

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    We figure on laying hose from our truck at 1000'/minute as a standard number to plug in when figuring out timings...but it takes the most time at the start of lays, and going around turns so a short lay of 2000' may take 3-4 minutes, but a 4000' only takes 6 minutes or so.

    As for time...I spend way too much time on computers sometimes! But then again...it's taken me nearly four weeks to get around to getting this written up and posted...and the Pomfret drill took me 3 months to get to.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, Matt.

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    Excellent presentation!

    And yeah, the chief's camera vs. walkie talkie.... it's got my vote!!!

    Proud Member of IAFF Local 3133!

    Stay safe.


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