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    Question PRE-FIRE PLANS

    Our department is currently working on a form for pre-fire plans. I copied a sample form from an example given to us in a managing company tactical operations class and then switched it around a bit. Our goal is to develop a one page plan (front and back) and then write one up for each commercial and high hazard area in our fire district. These would be put in plastic sleeves and then put in a binder located in our engine. I'm looking for some imput on what everyone includes or doesn't include. All ideas are welcome. I have used Microsoft frontpage to work out a webpage (located at the below address) that would be stored on your hard drive and hopefully later this year we might be able to purchase a generic laptop computer for our engine. You would be able to surf just as you would be on the internet to what building you are responding to. In the future I would add important phone numbers, maps, hydrants, landing zones, and equipment inventories. Thanks for any input or help you can offer.

    Eric W. Schmitt
    Assistant Chief
    Harrison Hills VFC #4
    Natrona Heights, PA

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    we are just building ours also- I made ours similar to yours-our pages consist of a business page-front side only so in the future we can fax to every business in dist for updates(so we dont have to go dr to dr again)and a page for every structure we preplan,this page shouldn't need to be updated. I included a page from our box book with water main sizes from water authority and a site map from the assesors office- no reason to redraw what is drawn- with added modifications from our field visit- if you are interested-email me your fax # and we can exchange home made plans- our plan came from several neighboring depts comparing forms to share ideas
    good luck-what a large amount of data to compile

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