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    Dave Grice
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    Question Goggles and Bourkes??

    I would like to take phyrngn's question one step further. I would like to know how some other dept.'s handle the eye protection issue. For me it started last year when I was among a small group to purchase a traditional helmet. (The dept. says traditional helmets are too much for the budget.) But when some of us purchased the helmets, we orderred them with goggles and bourkes. The bourkes were more for sense of tradition than function. But our chief slammed us on it saying he wouldn't approve of it and said he wanted us to get sheilds for the helmets because he hasn't looked into the goggles. I figure that since NFPA approved the goggles that they shouldn't be a problem. Any of you out there wear the goggles? Are they better or worse than sheilds? How many wear bourkes with the goggles? How many just wear bourkes? Any answers from the peanut gallery would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe! Dave

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    Dave Grice
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    Red face

    I would like to apologize for putting this up. After I posted this topic, I read down the line a little further and saw fireman14us posted this topic. I'm sorry to repeat it, but if there are others that would like to add anything to this post, please do.

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    S. Cook
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    I have the EES goggles and bourkes on a 1010. I like it as I can take the goggles off prior to goin' in and put them on when done. That way I always have eye protection I can actually see thru on my helmet for accidents, grass fires, etc...

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    Our fireifghters have a mix of "leather" and "plastic" helmets with bourkes or snow plows, but, all members have osha/ansi approved safety glasses and must where them with. 2 firefighters had goggles at 1 time, but now they just used the safety glasses.

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    I got a Leather Houston for Christmas. It came with a face shield. By Christmas night that was off and my bourkes and goggles were on. As far as Goggles If they are NFPA than they are ok. I personally think they are better than a face shield because your eyes are completely covered.

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