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    Post Brannigan's Warnings

    It has been about twenty years since I attended Frank Brannigan's building construction program at a NFA Outreach in Kokomo, IN.

    Today, I read a note from Mr. Brannigan on this newspage. It concerned the tragic loss of two more firefighters due to lightweight construction.

    I just wonder how many firefighters have been saved by the teachings of Mr. Brannigan. His book on Building Construction for the Fire Service should be read by all firefighters.

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    Amen, DD, Amen!!!! Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service should be mandatory reading in every firefighter recruit class and fire officer program. Another mandatory reading should be Vincent Dunn's Collapse of Burning Buildings.

    Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, and this old adage is especially true for the fire service! We have two enemies....the fire and the building!

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    I'll put it simply and avoid what sometimes comes across as hysteria in Brannigan's text. Buildings are not designed to remain intact (structurally) for firefighting evolutions. Buildings may be designed to remain intact for occupant egress.

    It's simple, it's economical.

    Firefighters (and Officers) need to do the risk vs. benefit analysis before taking action.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Department
    Hamilton, New York

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