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    Post McDonalds a cruel lesson

    As I sit here this evening viewing the pictures of the firefighters from Houston, a heavy stone is placed around my neck. Each firefighter fatality becomes harder and harder to accept. I despise the building industry for cutting corners and costs to construct lightweight structures that are basically designed to fail. I despise the invention of the gang nail, or Gusset plate, which fails so rapidly during exposure to heat. I despise code officials who allow, through influence that often pads the wallet, unsafe construction to take place in their jurisdictions. And I despise the fact that corporate America is so far removed from it all. 2 of America's bravest died and I am sure somewhere on a drawing board today, the plans for an exact replica of that structure that burned is being planned. Play it safe and surround and drown. Let them pick up the pieces and give us a rest.

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    Within the pst couple days there have been tow notable fires in McDonalds stores. A three alarm fire in Hartford County, Md and the tragic fire in Houston. I am still amazed at the size of Frank Brannigan explains a possible cause. All firefighters need to rethink fast food fires in light of this tragedy. A few minutes spotting roofs looking for heavy air conditoners etc may make a difference between life and death.


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