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    Give me your size up procedures. We all know the 13 points but I am interested in what you size up and when. Thanks in advance.

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    craig7404 Guest


    As a Captain my sizeup begins as soon as the pager goes off. First, what kind of fire, forest, grass,or structure. Second, is the location. Third, is what are the known hazards. Forth, do we have a prefire plan on this fire. These four thoughts are taught to every firefighters in my dept. to be done before the truck rolls out.

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    Craig Lambert
    Harmony Consolidated
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    Brownie Guest

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    STATIC ,I think Craig said it all , you should have all your screws on before rolling out the doors. I preferably would know my district and know any possible obstacles, maybe , every fire is not the same . I would always think of location, time of day, hazards, manpower, pre-plans, equipment that was dispatched ,reports given by communications, and on arrival you will be a lil more relaxed so as to not run around with your head turning around in circles. I would make sure my crew was satisfactory for if arriving not know where and what to do, would be very disappointing and embarrassing to your dept and to "YOU" .Mainly I think you should be patient and trained for the unexpected ,because it always happens. Your crew and yourself are always first .

    Keep sending em .........


    Station 5
    EMT F/F Brown
    Past Captain

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