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    Ryan Guest

    Question Class A Foam

    Our Department is currently looking into the use of class A foam for smaller residential fire's. I was wondering what some of the pros and cons where in the use of this tactic? Thanks for the help.

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    Dalmation90 Guest


    Lots of pros...few cons.

    We flow foam now unless a specific decision is made not to -- and that's basically is if the building is involved enough that most of the water is being converted to steam (which is the rare fully involved house or something). Then we'll switch on the foam to complete the knockdown.

    I'm not sure I've observed faster knockdowns (which hopefully only take a few minutes!), but I have seen vastly faster overhaul and mop-up once the main body is knocked down. And I've seen fires we all figured used to take 3-4000 gallons to control take only 1000 to completely extingush for the cost of $50 worth of Class A foam. I guess best way to describe what I've seen is the fire acts 'bout the same for the first couple minutes, but it just doesn't come back then once you've knocked it down with the Class A like it does with plain water.

    Biggest con in the Winter time is the fire marshals end up with frozen white stuff over the scene (Well, Town Fire Marshals hate it 'cause their salaried...State Fire Marshals are hourly and don't usually mind any excuse for OT)

    More I think about it, Class A is kinda like a boxer putting a steel plate under his glove. You can use plain water and hit the fire a several times before you knock it out. Or you can use the Class A and get a knock out on the first punch.


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