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    firecadet613 Guest

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    What do you use for flashlights on scene? How do you like it? I am going to be getting a new one, and would like to get the best out there for $50 or less. I am thinking about getting the C-size Pelican.

    Joe E. Thomson
    AIM: Firecadet613

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    BVFD Guest


    Spend the extra money and get a survivor. In my opinion, nothing else can compare to it!

    Learn all the jobs, at some point you'll have to do them

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    BVFD Guest



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    chiefjay4 Guest


    i like the pelican also

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    FyredUp Guest


    Have to agree with BVFD, buy the Survivor. I have had 2 of them for 2 years. One for career FD and one for my volly FD. Tough, reliable and incredibly bright.

    And no I don't sell them, just use them.

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    Jon Guest


    i posted a topic just like this in the firefighters forum you may want to check it out. personally i use the garrity light on my helmet and a pelican stealthlight id like to get a survivor though

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